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Deep roots in Goshen County

Ruth's Great Grand Father and Grand Father homesteaded in Goshen county.  The VanMark sisters now manage and run the original homesteads.

Born and raised in Goshen County on the family wheat farm just south of town, Van Mark learned two important lessons; farmers and ranchers are true environmentalists and working hard is a virtue.    Unlike the “enviros” she knows that if you are making a living off the land you are far more invested in preserving it than those who think saving a cute prairie dog is more important than saving your pasture from turning into swiss cheese.   “Fortunately, for me and my sisters, our parents thought we needed to learn to work so we picked up trash in the wheat fields, swept out grain bins, cleaned up sheep pins and yes poisoned prairie dog holes.” 

One of my favorite things is harvest.  I was lucky and learned to drive the combine.  That is the best job (it has AC).  When I would tell my co-workers that I spent my vacation driving a combine for wheat harvest they thought I was crazy.   However what they didn’t know was that sitting on that combine cemented what I learned sweeping out grain bins --  hard work is what makes America Great!”


While working for a US Senator from Oklahoma, Ruth found out that being a farm kid from Wyoming was a good thing, even in the eyes of Oklahomans.   “Once the constituents learned I wasn’t a city kid but from a farm they knew I understood their frustrations with big government.   Thankfully I worked for a Senator who believed that government closest to the people was the best.  We didn’t always win but we fought for smaller government.  I am committed to continuing that fight for Goshen County making sure your voice is heard.  I want to represent you in Cheyenne and would appreciate your vote on August 21st.”

Here are 5 things I want to focus on for House District 5

Ruth with her older sister Lois headed to church.  Ruth and her three sisters, Lois, Debbie and Jackie were all born and raised in Torrington and consider the farm the best place on earth!

 Economic Development 






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